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Painting Your Home A Guide To Choosing Colors

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Submitted by: Gabriel Meriwether

Choosing colors for your home is a big decision. There are so many different colors out there. You will find that your decision can really impact how your home looks. By choosing great colors, you can make your home look its best. However, if you choose the wrong colors, you might find that your home quickly becomes the laughingstock of the block. Here are some ideas to help you choose the best paint colors for your home.

Examine What You Have

You can use color to accent beautiful features on your home. You can also use it to cleverly disguise the things that you don’t like as much. Look at the front of your home and decide what architectural features you love or hate. What features will you accent? Remember that while a burst of color can look great, it should always be used with discretion. Try to stick to one or two accent colors and be careful if working with bright colors as they will really stand out.

Accent Your Door

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If you are dying to try a new vibrant color, try painting your door instead of the whole house. This way you can get a punch of the color you love without taking a risk on your whole house. If you love the color and it works, you can always use more of the color to your house. However, if it doesn’t work out, a colorful door is always acceptable.

Think of the Roof

What color is your roof? Using your roof as a guide can help you determine which colors will work best on your home. For example brown roofs generally work best with warmer colors like browns, reds and yellows. Gray roofing looks great with cool colors like blues and grays. The color of your roof will determine the paint you choose. For some inspiration, drive around your town and look for homes where you love the paint. What colors did they use? How do these colors work with the roof?

When In Doubt Go Neutral

While it might be tempting to paint your home a great shade of turquoise or a bright canary yellow, you need to be cautious when selecting your colors. These can look great at times, but unless you are sure, stick with neutral colors. In general you can take bigger risks with accent and trim colors than you can with your main color. Remember that light colors like white or beige will make your home look bigger and darker colors will make your home look a little smaller.

Ask for Advice

Choosing paint colors can be stressful and many people struggle with this decision. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Your local paint store will have magazines and books available for inspiration. Additionally you may be able to ask others for advice. Select a few possible colors and ask friends and neighbors for their opinions. Some people may even choose to consult an interior designer for a little advice on this important question.

Choosing paint colors isn’t a little decision. Don’t be embarrassed if takes you hours and multiple trips to the paint store to finally decide. Take your time and remember that neutrals and natural colors are always a safe bet. Remember, if you don’t like the final look, paint is only temporary and you can redo it any time you like.

About the Author: Gabriel Meriwether is a writer for Brookside Patio Furniture which specializes in

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Dog owner to face felony charge

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Two dog attacks in a week puts Spotsylania County authorities in the spotlight to take action on pet owners for their dog’s behavior. In unrelated incidences, an elderly woman was killed and another woman was bitten. Three dogs have been shot dead by police.

An 82 year old woman was walking her Shih Tzu breed of dog in her front yard last week when she came under attack by three Pit Bulls. She died being transported to the hospital after police responded and shot two of the attacking dogs. They later captured the third dog and euthanized it.

More recently, a 31 year old woman was bitten on her hand during a fight that ensued between two Pit Bulls in her back yard. The responding police officer shot the aggressor dog.

Public outcry over the death of the elderly woman stirred procecutors to charge the dogs’ owner, Deeana Large, with involuntary manslaughter. This is a first for the Commonwealth of Virginia where charges that carry a maximum penalty of 10 years are leveled in a case involving a pet’s owner. In order to gain an indictment, prosecuters will have to prove the dogs’ owner was criminally negligent. In the biting incident, the attacking dog’s owner faces a misdemeanor charge of letting the dog run at large.

Deeana Large, who initially said she owned only 1 of the 3 dogs involved in the mauling case, has not yet been formally charged and awaits indictment. Investigators in the case say there were earlier reports of her dogs allegedly killing a German Shepard and a kittten in her neighborhood. Complaints by neighbors spurred an animal control officer to be looking for the dogs at the time the woman was killed.

Why Bank Reo’s Can Help Your Failing Real Estate Business

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By Craig Picard

There is one reason why you are failing in your real estate investing and that is the fact that you are not buying your properties from the right places. Yes, there are individuals in foreclosure trying to get rid of their property before they are evicted. This can present a great opportunity as long as the homeowner doesn’t owe a lot on the property.

And you can also find some deals at auctions, but it always seems like others are outbidding you or the bank submits their own bid and it’s just too high for you.

There are so many ways for you to find property, but finding property doesn’t mean that you are going to be a real estate investing success. If you purchase a property 25% below market value and sell it for market value, you’re really not making a big profit. Your profit is even smaller when you have to make improvements to the property.

You don’t want to see those small profits. No one wants to see small profits, but it is an unfortunate fact that some individuals simply don’t know better.

YouTube Preview Image

But how can you get more?

Well, it’s through bank REO’s. Bank REO’s are how you’re going to be able to pull in a profit of anywhere between 35% and 50%, which is excellent for the real estate investor. This is actually a real estate investor’s dream because this results in even more future buying power and a higher income.

It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. It is just a matter of being aggressive in your investing by doing the following:

— Telling those who are involved in bank REO’s in some way that you are there to take them off their hands and help the housing market out. After your first buy, you will be the one they come to.

— Telling buyers in your area that you are the one to buy from. That way you can sell the properties very quickly.

— Always following up with your sources and your leads to ensure you get your hands on the properties that you want to put your hands on.

— Always negotiate with the bank. If something is wrong with the property, talk to them about compensating you for it. If you are financing and you need to negotiate terms of the loan, do it.

The most important thing is to not get discouraged and also ask for help if you need it from those who specialize in REO’s and who are willing to teach. Investing in Bank REO’s is certainly worth it for the fact the profits can be quite incredible and you can turn the property quickly.

There is also the fact that you do have options and a lot of negotiation power with the bank when it comes to these properties. When dealing with the bank, the ball is in your court. You have to keep in mind that you are exactly what they need to take the property off of their hands.

About the Author: Craig Picard and Don Goff have helped 367 real estate investors grow their real estate investing business from zero to over $10,000 per month in only 3 months. To get your free real estate investing training tools go to


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Google planning PayPal rival

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Financial analysts say Google is planning an e-wallet service that could eventually compete with eBay’s payment service PayPal. Google has not confirmed the development.

The rumor is a first sign of Google’s expected expansion of revenue sources to capitalize on its advertising customer base and search-engine traffic. What form that expansion will take has been a hotly debated subject for the company whose stock valuation momentarily made it the world’s biggest media company on June 7, 2005. Even Microsoft has been mentioned as a possible future competitor.

Ebay’s stock valuation dipped more than 2% on the news. Paypal currently accounts for one-fifth of the company’s revenues. But one business analyst saw potential benefit for Paypal[1], depending on exactly how the “Google Wallet” takes shape. The uncertainty underlined the lack of substantive information behind the rumor.

According to the New York Times, the CEO of a major online merchant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was approached by Google to take part in this service. Steve Langdon, a Google spokesperson, declined to comment.

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U.S. automaker GM plans to close 1,100 dealerships

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Friday, May 15, 2009

American automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM) announced plans Friday to shut down about 1,100 of its dealerships, in an effort to evade bankruptcy and lower its expenditures.

GM’s move comes a day after Chrysler, another U.S. car maker, released a list of 789 dealerships that it was closing. Unlike Chrylser, GM will not publicly announce the dealerships that it intends to shut down. Instead, dealerships whose franchises won’t be renewed after October of next year will receive a private letter telling them of the decision.

At the moment, GM has 6,246 dealers in the U.S. It intends to reduce that number to 3,605 by the end of 2010. GM said the dealerships that were to be closed are “underperforming and very small sales volume U.S. dealers.”

“They’re dealerships that are in most cases hurting, losing money, and in danger of going out of business anyway,” said GM’s sales, service, and marketing vice president in a telephone conference. “It’s a move that people could argue should have been taken years ago but this leadership team had no choice but to do it today.”

The dealers that are to be closed represent 18% of the firm’s dealership network, but only 7% of GM’s 2008 revenue.

US automaker GM reports losses of $6 billion

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

United States automobile company General Motors announced it has lost US$6 billion in the first quarter of 2009, amidst heavy declines in revenues. Not including special items, the firm said it had lost a net $5.9 billion dollars, or $9.66 per share.

In the first quarter of last year, GM had reported a loss of $381 million, or $0.67 per share. Most financial analysts had forecast the automaker’s losses to be over $6.7 billion, or $11.05 per share. GM had also reported that it had spent $10.2 billion in an effort to prevent bankruptcy. The manufacturer has received over $15 billion in bailout money from the federal government.

The company has a deadline set at June 1 to draw up a restructuring plan. If it doesn’t do so by then, it will be obliged to file for bankruptcy protection.

“We’re focusing very much on the cost side of the business but once you start losing revenues you get into a vicious circle from which you can’t recover,” said Ray Young, the chief financial officer for GM.

“We continue to see a 60-80 percent chance of a GM bankruptcy. While the GM equity today is largely uninvestable, we increasingly believe GM may emerge substantially stronger from a bankruptcy – provided the Chapter 11 process is not overly drawn out – particularly given the scope of targeted dealer cuts,” analyst Himanshu Patel said.