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Step Up To The Plate And Teach Your Child To Share!}

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Submitted by: Elena Neitlich

When 5 year old Noah is asked if he likes to share his toys, he honestly answers, No. When probed a little further Noah explains, My toys are cool but when I get done with them, when I get tired of them I will share. When asked what he does if he wants a toy that another child is using, he says, I just wait until they are done with it.

When 2 year old Seth is asked if he likes to share his toys he says, No, not really. Asked why, he elusively answers, Maybe, when I am done. What he means is, No way.

Sharing is a very difficult concept for young children to grasp. Until the ages of 5 or 6 sharing makes very little sense and can be frustrating.

It is clear from the responses of both boys that sharing is not first on their agendas. However 5 year old Noah is much farther along developmentally and understands the rules of sharing far better than 2 year old Seth.

Possession of objects is the allure. Little children are often more interested in attaining the object that another child has than in playing with the item they have in front of them. Believing that they are at the center of the universe, a young childs natural inclination is to reach over and take whatever it is that he wants.

Grabbing other peoples possessions is, of course, never okay, and parents must begin to curb this behavior early. Sharing can and must be taught starting from the time children are tiny. If parents do not start teaching sharing early, children will not be equipped to handle social situations with other children.

At a t-ball game for 3 year olds, parents watched unhappily as one child grabbed every ball that was batted into the outfield. The boys father, standing with the boy on the pitchers mound, did nothing as again and again his child rushed around in front of the other children and took the ball. This child left a wake of crying children in his path as he shoved them aside and stole the ball. The father was oblivious to the effect his childs behavior was having on the other children and parents.

When asked about the situation, a frustrated father of another 3 year old said, If that boy were mine, I would have been right in there keeping him in his position, it was clearly the fathers role to manage that child and teach the child to share. This astute fathers comments are correct.

The following three actions are a progressive set of guidelines for teaching children to share. If one action fails, then move to the next:


Watch children interacting from a distance. Take an interest in how the children are playing but do not get involved. Allow the kids to do their thing without hovering. Observe with the intent to intercede should the situation call for it. Think about effective ways to talk about sharing should the children need an adult to step in.


When something comes up early in an interaction that could become destructive, parents should get involved. As soon as parents see the sign of a problem it is time to give a tip, a pointer, or guidance. In the case of the ball player, effective guidance would sound like, Ryan, you have to stay here, This is your position, You have to cover here, or It is Sams turn, now give him a turn.


When the situation begins to get out of control, it is time for close direction. When a child is causing problems that have consequences, such as hitting, biting or crying, parents should be right there to step in and direct the child.

In the baseball example, after at most the third time and especially after his son tackled a child to get the ball — the father should have stopped his child from running for the balls that werent his. This father missed an excellent opportunity to teach his son about sharing. By not stepping in, this father taught his child that hogging the ball, and not being a team player, is acceptable. A more effective strategy for this father would have been to stress the childs role on the team, Stay here, this is your position. That ball is Jacks ball to catch. Given that his child was physically bullying other children to get the ball, he should have gently restrained his son so that the child understood that he needed to stay in his position.

By monitoring, coaching and then directing, parents allow children to demonstrate their sharing skills. Then, when needed, parents are available to step in and guide appropriately. These guidelines also keep parents from overreacting to situations, which can be very unsettling to little children.

Parents should remember that their role is teacher. They should try not to become overly embarrassed and angry when their child displays normal childhood behavior. Parents should look upon these episodes of unacceptable behavior as opportunities, what coaches call teachable moments, to help their child learn. Optimizing these teachable moments will, in the long run, help parents to raise kind and giving people.

About the Author: Elena Neitlich is the co-owner and CEO of

Moms On Edge

Her company designs, manufactures and sells children’s behavioral toys, games and parenting aids. She is the mother of Noah(5) and Seth(2) and committed to raising great kids.


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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Vicki Gunn is running for the Family Coalition Party in the Ontario provincial election, in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed her regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

China launches major cleanup operation after oil spill

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After an oil pipeline in China exploded and spilled around 1,500 tonnes of oil into the Yellow Sea near the city of Dalian, the government has launched a cleanup operation consisting of more than 800 vessels.

The spill occurred on Friday, after a pipeline at the port exploded. The oil terminal at the port has been closed ever since. Authorities have been using 24 ships designed for cleaning up oil, and today ordered around 800 civilian fishing boats to join the operation.

The spill has been halted, although an oil slick which measured 50 square kilometers at its height remains in the harbor, and ships are using absorbent foam to remove oil from the water, as well as barriers to keep oil from reaching the shore. Despite their efforts, parts of the coast reportedly have a slick of oil evident on beaches and rocks.

Although rough seas have affected the cleanup, authorities expect to have completed the operations within ten days.

According to domestic media, concerns over safety at the port have been raised in the past; a government study in 2006 noted that five projects at the port were at risk of accidents.

The spill has caused ongoing disruptions to the port’s operations, with several ships, including six oil tankers carrying a total of around twelve million barrels of oil, having been diverted to other ports both in China and other countries.

Desmond Tutu calls for election of African pope

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NB this story is also covered in the article Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls for African Pope.Monday, April 4, 2005 Retired Anglican Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu has called for the Catholic church to appoint an African as new pope. “We hope the cardinals when they meet will follow the first non-Italian pope by electing the first African pope,” said Tutu on SABC TV at a press conference in his Cape Town home.

Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze, currently number four in the church hierarchy, is seen as the best hope for a pope from the third world. If Arinze is elected he will become the first African pope since Gelasius I in 496 AD.

“There should be democracy in the Catholic Church. Europeans should allow an African to become the next pope,” said 21 year old Nigerian student, Ifeoma Ezinwa, at the Saint Monica Catholic Church in Igbogbo, Lagos. “The church is growing in Africa. If Arinze gets to that position, he would work for its faster growth,” she continued.

However Steve Uwagba, a Nigerian accountant, thought that “International politics in the church may not allow him to get the papal seat. The odds of international politics and conspiracy against Africa weigh heavily against him.”

Tutu also added that “We know that [the pope] was a champion for world peace. And more than any other pope [he] went around the world galvanizing the faithful who turned out in droves to meet him. We also want to pay tribute to him for his concern for the unity of humankind. He was the first Pope, I think, to gather together … leaders of other Christian denominations, calling them to prayer for the world,”

The archbishop of Cape Town Njongonkulu Ndungane – Tutu’s successor – offered his condolences to the world’s catholics. “Our sincerest condolences go out to Catholics worldwide on the death of their great leader. We thank God for his ministry and that he has now been relieved from pain,”

Father Stephen Chukwu of St Augustine’s church in Ikorodu on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria said to a congregation of three thousand, “The whole world is standing still. People are held spellbound because the mighty has fallen. The whole church mourns because a leader and a revolutionary has gone,” he told the crowd, many of whom wept and sobbed.

“Who would ever believe that a pope could come from outside Rome? He was an ideal man and he led an ideal life. He held tenaciously to the teachings of the Apostles. He was against killing and abortion,” he declared. He was not a friend of the wealthy or the mighty. He was a friend of those in the gutters. He preached and fought for democracy.

After mass Mary Okoli, a 42 year old teacher said “My hope and prayer is that we get an African, especially a Nigerian, to replace him and continue his good work,” “We are particularly grateful for the attention he paid to Africa and the developing world during his papacy. His concern for the poor marked him as a truly caring leader and we share the grief and loss of the Catholic Church at his passing. We also pray for the Catholic Church as it contemplates the election of the next Vicar of Christ,” he said in a statement.

Benefits you Can Acquire from Hiring Experts in Cleaning Services Memphis


Kristoff Webber

When you’re in Cordova or Tennessee, anticipate seeing lots of commercial buildings and establishments found in the vicinity. Myriads of major firms are there too. Most of these companies can hire cleaning services from the pros to maintain their commercial buildings clean and organized. There are numerous companies that give both commercial cleaning services and medical office cleaning services, and searching for the best one is not an issue at all.

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There are lots of things you need to take into account when searching for an expert commercial cleaning service provider. These considerations will help you verify their reliability in the cleaning industry. To be clear, your business should be put in the hands of expert professionals, not newbies. Top on the list is the experience a company has. To know this, you need to ascertain how long does the company have been offering cleaning services within the locality.

Moreover, you need to know about the company’s standing in the industry and take a detailed look on their featured services. With this, you can easily prevent being cheated by fake companies. For all you know, they might even try to steal your costly things if you hired them. Look for a reliable company that is reliable and won’t take advantage of the trust you have given them. You can explore the web for this matter by reading reviews and feedbacks from their previous customers. Moreover, go for an insured firm.

On the other hand, one of the key benefits of hiring cleaning services Memphis is convenience. These providers are capable of offering full janitorial services. In other words, you don’t have to fret if your room or office is terribly messy. If you require somebody to do perfect general and routine cleaning which includes floors, trash disposal, sanitary areas, dining areas, furniture and lighting, then they are right persons you need. There are other companies that offer carpet cleaning and shampooing, and window washing services. A few service providers also do medical office cleaning services which includes sanitizing and disinfecting the whole room as well as post construction cleaning, floor waxing services, and stain removal services. To sum it up, there is no type of dirt that expert commercial cleaning Cordova cannot manage.

If possible, find a commercial cleaning company that employs green solutions in giving their services. Nowadays, there are environmental-friendly methods and products used by many cleaning service providers. Aside from its known advantages to the surroundings, it provides security to office buildings and employees also. Moreover, these products are proven to be efficient cleaning agents also. Unlike products with toxic chemicals, they give better and effective results. There is a possibility that the indoor air quality in a building may be affected upon making use of tough cleaning chemicals. As such, individuals exposed to these chemicals could develop a few diseases upon inhaling these intoxicating fumes from unsafe cleaning agents. What makes green cleaning ideal is it doesn’t damage one’s health given that it’s free from potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals. This will guarantee that your whole office area is dirt-free, safe and nontoxic.

Set a cleaning schedule wherein your preferred service provider can carry out their cleaning services. This goes without saying that a lot of commercial cleaners are tailoring their cleaning plans based on the needs of their clients. Make sure to secure a written agreement with the company soon after establishing the cleaning schedule.

Not a thing can be achieved if you don’t make an effort, and it can be also applicable to Commercial Cleaning Cordova. Aside from working hard, you will also need to work more effective in order to improve and take another step higher. For a much deeper knowledge of

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Big, Little, Round And Hexagon Jam Jars And Bottles

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By Joyce Stewart

One of my various hobbies includes jam making. I too adore making wine so I can sit down at night, with a fine glassful of prize wine. There are not many suppliers of pristine jam jars and wine bottles so I was very happy when I saw one on the World Wide Web. They sell a mixture of glass bottles and jars,which are all suitable for jam or wine making. You can not imagine my delight when I found them as it is very hard to source suppliers. Anyone who knows jam and wine making, will also know that when you store the jam or wine, the bottles and jars must be 100% sterile. That is why I prefer to source new ones rather than use old.

They also sell the jars with twist off lids that are metal and this helps to keep the jam fresh for longer. All their jam jars are sold with a mixture of lids including scarlet and white checked countryside feel lids. I too name the jars and bottles to finish the home-made look. To assist my children, I jot down the flavour of the jam or wine and also the month of creation. Afterwards I always, give one of my jams or wines to friends and family.

Many people do not believe me but my wine making started many years ago. I worked in the corporate world and was constantly attending parties and functions. There was permanently an endless flow of wine and I figured I could make some of it myself. A down-to-earth Elderberry wine has continually been the wine to lure my taste buds though.

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I order all my wine making bottles over the internet. The right bottles for wine making are glass bottles. All kinds of shapes, sizes and colours are stocked in their warehouse. For all the bottles, there are assorted types of lids as well. I prefer the screw lids as the cork tops always seem to bust in no time. I reveal this as from experience of cork wine stoppers, they are not very good.

We don’t take note, but every day we utilise bottles and jars in one variety or another. All the next products are just a few that I am naming off the top of my head. Alcoholic drink, medicines, jam, pickles, infant food, cosmetics and fizzy drinks. As each day goes by, I glimpse more varieties, shapes and sizes of bottles and jars. I just love having so much diversity and selection. I have read a lot of information about which jars and bottles are the better to use.

Now back to my jam making. My passion for cookery stems from when I was quite young. Possibly my mother passed her cooking skills onto me. I am permanently cooking a new batch of jam to fill my brand new jars up with. I even buy jars and bottles when I go on vacation. The most unbelievable purchase I have ever made, was a handmade glass bottle that was purchased when I was on holiday in Germany. I enjoy the way they reflect the sunshine and they plainly remind me of a wonderful break I had.

About the Author: Joyce Stewart uses

glass bottles

in her hobby of wine making. She also uses

jam jars

and recommends sourcing suppliers of these from the internet.


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Saturday, July 2, 2016

On Wednesday, U.S. President Barack Obama met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in Ottawa. This marks the first time Canadian, U.S., and Mexican leaders have met since 2014, as 2015’s summit was not arranged in the harsh political relations at the time.

Among the topics discussed were trade and the countries’ economies, and current world events such as the U.S. presidential candidates and the United Kingdom’s recent vote to leave the European Union.

North America has a combined economy representing over 25% of the world’s GDP (gross domestic product) with a little over 7% of the world’s population. The countries’ combined GDP has risen since 1993 from US$8 trillion to about US$20 trillion in 2016.

The “Three Amigos” have shown an agenda geared towards green energy: pledging to generate 50% clean power across North America by the year 2025, implement a joint study about the addition of renewable energy sources in North America, and implement ten energy-efficiency standards and tests on equipment being traded throughout the continent.

Trade was also a big topic of discussion, with the leaders affirming support not only for NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) — something controversial in the U.S. political campaign — but also the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), with Mexican President Peña Nieto stating: “We are fully convinced that by working together […] we can be the most competitive region in the world”. Justin Trudeau also said by December 1 of this year Mexicans will no longer require visas in order to come to Canada.

The leaders held a trilateral press conference with the media after the summit. During the conference, President Obama scorned presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling his rhetoric “nativism or xenophobia”.

President Barack Obama also addressed a joint session of the Canadian Senate and House of Commons. Obama was the seventh president to do so — his other six predecessors being Harry Truman in 1947, Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953 and 1958, John F. Kennedy in 1961, Richard Nixon in 1972, Ronald Reagan in 1981 and 1987, and Bill Clinton in 1995.

Obama spoke about the relationship between Canada and the United States, saying the border was the “longest border of peace on Earth”. He also said the United States “could not ask for a better friend or ally than Canada.”

UNICEF: An increasing number of children are living in slums

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Monday, March 5, 2012

UNICEF published a new report titled, “THE STATE OF THE WORLD’S CHILDREN 2012 — Children in an Urban World”. According to the report, every third city child today lives in a slum and has no access to adequate food, drinking water, education and medical care.

About one billion children and adolescents, and thus half of all children and adolescents, are living in cities. The continuing urbanization makes the cities of the world grow annually by about 60 million people. The needs and rights of children and adolescents are, according to UNICEF, often disregarded and play no significant role in urban planning. In order to give children a voice in urban decision-making processes, UNICEF has worked on the Child-Friendly Cities Initiative.

The report describes the effects of poverty with regard to malnutrition, poor hygiene, educational inequality and vulnerability; social inequality also leads to crime and violence. The infant mortality in poor slums is higher than in some rural areas.

Often between 50 and 80 percent of the income of a family are required for nutrition and access to existing health services; in the cities this is not possible, so diseases such as measles, tuberculosis and other diseases avoidable by vaccination are becoming dangerously prevalent again.

On February 28, 18 countries signed an additional protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that gives children the right to appeal to the United Nations if their human rights have been violated and domestic remedies have been exhausted.

Airliner hijacker found working for British Airways

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A man who hijacked a domestic flight over Afghanistan has been found to be working for British Airways.

34-year-old Nazamuddin Mohammidy was one of nine men who forced the Ariana Airlines airliner to divert to the United Kingdom’s Stansted Airport in 2000. A standoff followed for the next 70 hours with the men, who had guns and hand grenades, threatening to kill all 160 on board unless asylum was granted to them. The men ultimately gave themselves up to police and SAS.

Mohammidy was jailed for 30 months but he and the other eight had their convictions overturned by the Court of Appeal, claiming the Taliban was subjecting them to “medieval and brutal tyranny” forcing them to flee. They went on to win a High Court case to prevent their deportation.

It has since emerged that British Airways have employed Mohammidy to clean their offices, including a training center one mile from Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. It came to light when police officers stopped him near Terminal 5 believing he may be an unlicensed taxi driver, but he was able to suppply a worker’s pass. He is now facing unrelated charges concerning an alleged assault on his landlord.

It would be an outrageous and potentially devastating breach of security if a former hijacker had access to British Airways property near the airport and a pass allowing him access to secure areas.

The Conservatives have used this as an opportunity to attack the current Labour government. Shadow home secretary David Davis said “It would be an outrageous and potentially devastating breach of security if a former hijacker had access to British Airways property near the airport and a pass allowing him access to secure areas. Days after it was revealed that foreign airside workers at our airports do not have to pass proper security checks it is clear the Government do not have a grip on airport security.”

British Airways say he did not have a pass to allow him onto the tarmac at Heathrow and did not work inside the airport, but he could get into some secure company areas.

Best Hair Extensions}

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best hair extensions



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