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When you suffer from crooked teeth, correction is often advised by your orthodontist. This professional recommends 2 forms of treatment: braces or Invisalign. Braces are the standard metal wires you’ll see on a person’s teeth. Invisalign, on the other hand, is invisible, as the name implies. You don’t have to be known as a metal mouth and you don’t have to be preoccupied about your smile. Those who are older and don’t have serious teeth issues will often visit a Phoenix, AZ, Invisalign dentist. If you plan to go this route, know what to expect from a visit to this dental professional.

What to Expect

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First things first, the dentist will get a computer to create a 3-dimensional map of your teeth. The orthodontist will also make an impression of your teeth. With these 2 tools, the dentist will fashion aligners that are customized to fit in your teeth. The aligners will be worn by you to straighten out your teeth for the next couple of months. When you’re done with one set, you’ll put on a new set.

The dentist will create 20 to 30 Invisalign sets at the first appointment so you won’t have to come back for another session. As time goes on, your teeth will shift and the Invisaligns will mold the shape and formations of your teeth. However, you will have to come back to thePhoenix, AZ, Invisalign dentistso they can evaluate your progress. The dentist may opt to give you new aligners if adjustments are necessary. As you wear these invisible braces, you don’t have to worry about them being permanently fixed to your teeth. You are allowed to take them out when you are eating and when you have to brush and floss. Another plus is that Invisaligns are more comfortable and less painful.

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