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Life is both work and play. But majority of the people forget the play part and mostly focus on the work. They cannot be blamed though, since work is the one way to make ends meet. For the lucky few whose work is about play, like athletes or theatrical and movie actors and actresses, its hitting two birds in one stone. For the even luckier few, their work is also their play because it is their passion. No matter how tiring, how long the hours, or how demanding their work may be, because they are passionate about it, then it does not seem like work at all. But again, this is for the lucky few.

To those who dont belong in either category, work is as much different with play as a stone is different from a bird. Again as earlier mentioned, because work is what can make ends meet, play begins to get shoved out of the picture. What is meant by play here is the leisure time, the time for other activities like your hobbies or recreation and sports.

Gone are the days when playing is about tossing bean bags in the corn hole gamethat nostalgic game you once played in your lawn with your cousins or neighbours during a family gathering. Indeed, the corn hole game is something reserved for children. But growing up, people begin to play different kinds of games.

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The simple thrill of delivering the bag to either the left or right pitchers box will slowly yet inevitably become a blur as one gets older. Metaphorically speaking the game for teenagers or adults transforms into something morethe game of life. Personal relationships or the complications of raising a family might fall under this game where in a more difficult and complicated form of decision-making is involved. A lot of factors are involved too and the stakes are higher. Per se the game of life is more than just the literal notion of game once one gets older.

Unfortunately, because play is mostly a concept familiar to the earlier stages of life (as in childhood), many do not realize that it is still actually an imperative part of human lifeto be able to relax and relinquish lifes leisurely moments. These simple, little moments of leisure time spent with family, friends or loved ones can actually be good for ones health and at the same time, enriches ones existence. But of course, recreation does not only mean hobbies, it can translate to different activities as well.

For the go-getters and people who lead active lives for example, recreation might take the form of sports hobbies. There are many institutions for these people like the gym, the sports club house, the golf club house, the outdoors group and many more. Adults merely have to take their pick among these institutions. Home-bodies on the other hand can enjoy simpler recreational activities like joining book clubs or churches or other organizations that can keep them preoccupied.

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