British military secrets leaked on social networking sites

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted sixteen instances of sensitive information being leaked on social networking websites in the past eighteen months. Ten employees have been disciplined for misuse of the sites. The revelations follow a Freedom of Information request by Lewis PR and computer security company F-Secure.

The MoD would not comment on what disciplinary action was taken, or whether the leaks involved operational information. The ministry’s guidelines state that staff must obtain clearance to release any information that is related to sensitive, controversial or political matters, or military operations.

“It’s worrying that employees in sensitive positions have been sharing confidential information via Twitter and other means,” said Mikko Hypponen, of F-Secure. “Loose Tweets can cost lives.”

According to Lewis PR, computers on the main MoD networks are blocked from visiting social networking sites. However there are a small number within the department which have unrestricted Internet access. Some personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq also have access through internet cafés on military bases.

The ministry’s “online engagement guidelines”, released in August last year, recognise the importance of social media such as Facebook for personnel keeping in touch with friends and family. According to the document: “Service and MOD civilian personnel are encouraged to talk about what they do, but within certain limits to protect security, reputation and privacy.”

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109th Boston marathon takes place

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cambridge, Massachusetts — Catherine Ndereba won her fourth Boston marathon yesterday, making her the first woman to do so. The Kenyan trailed for the first 20 miles of the race, before passing Elfenesh Alemu at the top of Heartbreak Hill in Newton. Though the 26.2 mile race takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, it has been dominated by Kenyan and Ethiopian runners for approximately the last ten years. Emily Levan of Wiscasset, Maine, was the first American woman to finish, placing twelfth in 2:43:14. Levan was also 12th in the 2003 Boston Marathon.

Ethiopian Hailu Negussie won the men’s race in 2:11:45. American Alan Culpepper placed fourth, the highest an American has placed in the Boston marathon since 1987, when Dave Gordon did the same.

Ernst Van Dyk won the men’s wheelchair race for the fifth year in a row. The women’s wheelchair race was won by Cheri Blauwet, who also won the event in 2004.

2005 Boston Marathon men’s results
Place Name Time Country
1 Negussie, Hailu 2:11:45 Ethiopia
2 Onsare, Wilson 2:12:21 Kenya
3 Cherono, Benson 2:12:48 Kenya
4 Culpepper, Alan 2:13:39 United States
5 Cheruiyot, Robert Kipkoech 2:14:30 Kenya
6 Cherigat, Timothy 2:15:19 Kenya
7 Kipchumba, Benjamin 2:15:26 Kenya
8 Letherby, Andrew 2:16:38 Australia
9 Ouaadi, Mohamed 2:16:41 France
10 Gilmore, Peter 2:17:32 United States
11 Shay, Ryan 2:18:17 United States
12 Kimutai, Benjamin Kosgei 2:18:22 Kenya
13 Omwenga, Thomas 2:18:57 Kenya
14 Loskutov, Pavel 2:19:04 Estonia
15 Kipkemboi, Joshua 2:19:28 Kenya
2005 Boston Marathon women’s results
Place Name Time Country
1 Ndereba, Catherine 2:25:13 Kenya
2 Alemu, Elfenesh 2:27:03 Ethiopia
3 Genovese, Bruna 2:29:51 Italy
4 Zakharova, Svetlana 2:31:34 Russia
5 Biktagirova, Madina 2:32:41 Russia
6 Morgunova, Lyubov 2:33:24 Russia
7 Gemechu, Shitaye 2:33:51 Ethiopia
8 El Kamch, Zhor 2:36:54 MAR
9 Ogawa, Mina 2:37:34 Japan
10 Olaru, Nuta 2:37:37 Romania
11 Sultanova-Zhdanova, Firaya 2:41:05 Russia
12 Levan, Emily 2:43:14 United States
13 Annis, Caroline 2:43:46 United States
14 Graytock, Carly 2:44:02 United States
15 Sato, Yuko 2:47:00 Japan

Tips To Construct Using Vinyl Seawalls}

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Tips to construct using vinyl seawalls


Andrew Brown

Using vinyl sheet piling for vinyl seawalls and various other geotechnical applications is of recent origin. During the initial stages, vinyl sheet pilings were far too thin and did not did offer the much needed strength. Since then, the vinyl sheet pilings have seen a lot of improvements with regard to its thickness, strength and resistance power and shape. The present-day vinyl seawalls are made of thick, rigid vinyl that is extruded in a “z”shape or “box shape”.

Vinyl seawalls can be cut to any length based on how tall a wall height you need. As a rule, there must be as much sheet length in the ground as is out of the ground. For instance, a 16ft. sheet would have approximately 8 foot in the ground and 8 foot exposed. But the fact remains that if poor soils are prevalent, it may become necessary to put more sheets piling in the ground.

Vinyl Seawalls are not only an effective way to arrest erosion but they add aesthetics and visual beauty to a property. Constructing vinyl seawall is not all that complicated and can be done by you if you follow certain guidelines. But even at the outset, you should know that the seawall project will entail lot of labor and you may not need many tools.

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Determine the length of the seawall that you wish to construct and make out a drawing of the proposed seawall this will also be necessary for procuring the permits. Once you come into possession of the permits you can commence the seawall build.

As a first step, you fasten a 2×6 treated board to the old seawall at least a foot away for backfill using any available crap lumber. The board serves to level and straighten the 2×6 so that the vinyl sheet piling will be straight and even. If there is no old wall to fasten to, you may use 4×4′ boards to build a structure as a guide. If you try to put them in without a guide, it will be difficult to get them straight.

Being in sand obviously makes it that much easier to install the vinyl seawall. You can use a trash pump that sucks water from the canal and forcibly ejects it through a fire hose with 8′ pipe attached to the end.

You can attach a 2×12 treated cap and a 2×6 front board level with the 2×6 guide to sandwich the sheets together. You may drill holes through the top boards to attach a 12′ galvanized tieback so the wall remains firm. This is very important.

This job will take you about 4 days but you will save a lot of money you would otherwise have to pay to a contractor. Vinyl seawalls have become the latest trend in the marine industry, due to the relatively easy installation procedures. Even an inexperienced person can – using a circular saw, water pump to “jet” the sheeting in, sledge hammer, and drill – can construct a vinyl seawall.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

The arsonist responsible for setting fire to the historic Sungnyemun gate (more commonly referred to as Namdaemun gate) in Seoul, South Korea in February has been sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment. The 600-year-old landmark was considred one of the nation’s greatest and most iconic, with some sources describing it as the single most important one in the country.

The 69-year-old male defendant has a previous conviction from two years ago for attempting to torch the Changgyeong palace, for which he received a suspended prison sentence and was fined. It is understood he destroyed the Namdaemun gate and attacked the palace over an unconnected land ownership dispute which had angered him. He felt that the compulsory purchase of his home a decade ago had been inadequatly compensated for by the state.

After the fire, residents left flowers at the scene and wrote grieving notes.

Chae Jong-Gi, who admitted the crime, was told of the seriousness of the offence in a statement by the Seoul district court. “A heavy sentence is inevitable as the accused inflicted unbearable agony on the people and damaged national pride… (The monument was) the treasure among all treasures which had survived all kinds of historic disasters. Even if restored, the gate’s originality will never return. Therefore, the nature and consequences of this crime are very serious,” said the statement.

The man is thought to have selected the gate as a target due to lax security measures. In the fire’s aftermath, officials have been criticised over this and concerns that firefighting efforts were ineffective, and the Cultural Heritage Administration‘s chief resigned to show he accepted responsibility for the blaze.

The two storey gate in pagoda style was constructed in 1398 and despite a 1447 rebuild and multiple renovations still contained original timbers prior to the destruction in the fire. Only the stone base survived.

According to the Cultural Heritage Administration, a reconstruction effort will take two to three years and cost 20 billion won (US$21 million).

ASEAN basketball league moves closer to reality

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The formation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Basketball League this week almost certainly ensures that a professional basketball league will be run across southern Asia. In planning for almost two years a US$5 million backing from Malaysian business tycoons Tony Fernandes of AirAsia and Indonesian media mogul Erick Thoir should see the league commence in September this year. The goal is to boost the mainstream popularity of basketball which, according to organizers of the new league, is already the second most popular team sport behind football.

Fernandes believes using overseas professional players will help increase the competitiveness and skills of the local ASEAN players. Fernandes said, “The aim is to develop local talent. Foreign players from outside ASEAN will be role models. Maybe one day our players will play in the NBA.”

Singapore’s The Straits Times quoted secretary general of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Patrick Baumann, as saying “Asia was ready for a professional league but warned organizers will have to ensure it doesn’t fade away after a few years. The time is right but it is not going to be simple to sustain the league”. He further added that “there has to be good entertainment. The clubs need to be managed professionally and well funded. You cannot have the league for one or two years and then stop.”

Addressing concerns over the current financial crisis and its possible impact on the launch of the league Fernandes said, “Yes, there will be a lot of obstacles and road blocks. But no mountain will stop us. During an economic downturn like now, this new league will create jobs.”

The composition of the league is still under discussion however it is expected that at least eight teams will part of the series this year. Each nation will be permitted a maximum of two privately owned teams. Other details including prize money, sponsorship and number of games is still in planning. The league will be organised by the South-east Asian Basketball Association which governs basketball across the region.

Will the ASEAN Basketball League be a success?
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Singapore Slingers are expected to be one of the first confirmed teams in the new competition. Bob Turner, CEO of the Slingers, said “We are definitely very interested. We believe that this will take the sport to the next level and we hope to confirm our entry as soon as possible.”

The league is tentatively scheduled to start in September 2009 and continue until February 2010. It will initially consist of eight teams that will play on a home-and-away basis. The champion will be the last team standing after a knock-out playoff round.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel gave yesterday’s opening address to the 42nd meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is facing a distinctly different geo-political landscape from twelve months ago. Outside the WEF security cordon, in the sub-zero temperatures of Davos’ train station car park, the local incarnation of the Occupy movement are setting up ‘Camp Igloo’; but, with little hope of the archetypes of the 1%, ‘Davos Man’, arriving by public transport and seeing their sub-zero protest.

David Roth, heading the Swiss centre-left’s youth wing — and an organiser of ‘Camp Igloo’, echoes much of the sentiment from ‘Occupy’ protests around the world; “[a]t meetings the rest of society is excluded from, this powerful ‘1 percent’ negotiates and decides about the fate of the other 99 percent of this world, […] economic and financial concentration of power in a small, privileged minority leads to a dictatorship over the rest of us. The motto ‘one person, one vote’ is no longer valid, but ‘one dollar, one vote’.”

Roth’s characterisation of ‘Davos Man’, a term coined by the Professor Samuel Huntington of Harvard University, is more emotive than that of the late professor who saw ‘Davos man’ as “[having…] little need for national loyalty, view[ing] national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see[ing] national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations”.

As Reuters highlights, many attendees will opt to make their way from Zurich to Davos by private jet, or helicopter, and the WEF itself provides handouts indicating the cost of such is 5,100 Swiss francs (approx. 5,500 USD, 3,500 GBP, 4,200 EUR). In contrast: travelling by rail, even when opting for first class — without an advance booking, is 145 Swiss francs (approx. 155 USD, 100 GBP).

Shifting fortunes see several past attendees missing this year’s exclusive get-together in the alpine resort; for a second year running — and now caught up in the UK phone hacking scandal being scrutinised by Lord Leveson’s inquiry — media mogul Rupert Murdoch will not be attending. Nor will the former head of financial services company UBS Oswald Gruebel, who resigned in the wake of US$2.3 billion losses incurred through unauthorised trading; likewise, Philipp Hildebrand, the ex-head of the Swiss National Bank, is absent following scandal associated with his wife’s currency trading activities; and, although the sexual assault charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn were dropped, having stepped down as managing director of the International Monetary Fund Strauss-Kahn will also be absent.

As the #OccupyWEF protesters were building igloos last weekend, an anti-WEF protest in the Swiss capital Berne was broken up by police, who stated their intent to prosecute participants in the illegal protest. Allegations of calls for violent protest action led to a high number of officers being involved. In the aftermath, charges of breach of the peace are to be brought against 153 people, with some targeted for more serious offences. At least one group involved in the protest described the police response as “disproportionate”.

At ‘Camp Igloo’ Roth says he is seeking discussions with the WEF’s expected 2,000 attendees; but his voice, and that of others in the worldwide ‘Occupy’ movement, is unlikely to be given a platform in the opening debate, “Is 20th-century capitalism failing 21st-century society?” He, and others taking part in this Swiss incarnation of the ‘Occupy’ movement, are still considering an invite to a side-session issued by the World Economic Forum’s founder, Klaus Schwab; commenting on the invite Roth told the Associated Press they would prefer a debate at a more neutral venue.

As has been the case for several years now, the annual Forum meeting in Davos was preceded with the release of a special report by the World Economic Forum into risks seen as likely to have an impact the in the coming decade. The 2012 Global Risks Report is a hefty document; the 64-page report is backed with a variety of visualisation tools designed to allow the interrelations between risks to be viewed, how risks interact modelled, and their potential impacts considered — as assessed by the WEF’s panel of nearly 500 experts.

As one would expect, economic risks top both the 2012 impact and likelihood charts. Climate change is pushed somewhat further down the list of concerns likely to drive discussions in Davos. “Major systemic financial failure” — the collapse of a globally important financial institution, or world currency, is selected as the risk which carries the most potential impact.

However, “Chronic fiscal imbalances” — failing to address excessive government debt, and “Severe income disparity” — a widening of the the gulf between rich and poor, top the list of most likely risks.

At the other end of the tables, disagreeing respectively with the weight last year’s Wikinews report gave to orbital debris, and the Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA) fight with the Internet over copyright legislation, the 2012 Global Risks Report places “Proliferation of Orbital Debris” and “Failure of intellectual property regime” bottom of the league in terms of potential impact.

In 2011, with the current global economic crisis well under-way, “Fiscal crises” topped the WEF risks with the largest potential impact in the next ten years. However, perceived as most likely a year ago, “Storms and cyclones”, “Flooding”, and “Biodiversity loss” — all climate-change related points — were placed ahead of “Economic disparity” and “Fiscal crises”.

More mundane risks overtake the spectre of terrorism when contrasting this year’s report with the 2011 one; volatility in the prices of commodities, consumer goods, and energy, and the security of water supplies are all now ranked as more likely risks than terrorism — though the 2011 report did rank some of these concerns as having a higher potential impact. A significant shift in perception sees the 2012 report highlight food shortages almost as likely a risk the world will face over the next decade; and, one with a far more significant impact.

Attending the World Economic Forum at Davos is more than just an opportunity to discuss the current state of the global economy, and review the risks which face countries around the world. With such a high number of political and business leaders in attendance, it is an ideal opportunity to pursue new trade deals.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is, in addition to being a keynote speaker, expected to pursue improved relations with European and Asian trade partners at private meetings on the Forum sidelines. The Toronto Star reports Harper is likely to push forward an under-negotiation Canadian-European free-trade agreement, and hold closed-door discussions prior to next month’s planned trip to China.

Similarly, Canadian trade minister Ed Fast is expected to meet South Korean counterparts to discuss an equivalent deal to the preferential ones between the Asian nation and the US and Europe. Fast’s deal does, however, face opposition at home; the Canadian Auto Workers union asserts that such a deal would put 33,0000 jobs at-risk.

Do you believe discussions in Davos can make a difference globally?
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British Prime Minister David Cameron and chancellor George Osborne are expected to discuss a possible increase of UK funding to the International Monetary Fund (IMF); however, with the UK responsible for 4.5% of the US$400 billion in the IMF’s lending fund, backbench MPs have warned that committing any additional funds could provoke a Conservative revolt in parliament. Tuesday’s IMF cut of predicted global growth from 4% to 3.3%, warnings of a likely Eurozone recession in 2012, and ongoing problems with Greek financial restructuring, are likely discussion topics at Davos — as well as amongst UK backbench MPs who see adding to the IMF war-chest as bailing out failed European economies.

South Africa, less centre-stage during the 2011 Forum, will be looking to improve relationships and take advantage of their higher profile. President Jacob Zuma and several cabinet members are attending sessions and discussions; whilst former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to moderate a session, “Africa — From Transition to Transformation“, with Nigeria, Guinea, and South Sudan’s presidents on the panel. Wal-mart’s CEO Doug McMillon is to lead a dinner session, “Shared Opportunities for Africa’s Future” — highlighting larger multinationals looking towards the continent for new opportunities.

Davos may also serve as a place to progress disputes out of the public eye; a high-profile dispute between Chile’s state-owned copper mining business, Codelco, and Anglo American plc over the 5.39 billion USD sale of a near-quarter stake in their Chilean operations to Japan’s Mitsubishi, prompted the Financial Times to speculate that, as the respective company chiefs — Diego Hernández and Cynthia Carroll — are expected to attend, they could privately discuss the spat during the Forum.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Yahoo! has launched a beta version search tool at, designed to locate content on the web under a Creative Commons (CC) license. While most copyrighted material on the web does not allow reuse, other than “fair-use” allowances, copyrighted material held by Creative Commons licensing allows the public to reuse material in a variety of ways specified by the copyright holder under the licensing agreement.

The nonprofit organization behind the license, Creative Commons, was founded in 2002 by Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig. The organization provides 11 agreements customized for use in various countries. Depending on the licensing agreement, users can reproduce or modify the work as long as they mention the original creator. Some licenses prohibit reusing works in a commercial setting.

Not everyone is impressed by the new search tool. Shelley Powers, author of Practical RDF from O’Reilly Press, writes in her book’s blog, “Since CC licenses are recorded using a standardized meta language,” Yahoo! is, “just checking for this information in the process of their normal operations.” John Batelle of Searchblog points out that incorporates a similar feature in’s Open Search. Wikinews reporter Pingswept found that requires registration and login to use the Creative Commons search.

Lessig recently reflected on Creative Commons’ success in a guest post at Yahoo!’s search blog. Describing an event at the launch of Creative Commons Korea, he said: “At the end of our final celebratory dinner, one of the judges who had helped launch CC-Korea asked me, ‘so what will make CC in the world as successful as CC-Korea?’ And I recognized, for the first time, that this project that we started two and a half years ago had finally left home. I was no longer asking others to help; others were demanding from me a success to match their own.”

Chance For Unknown Artists}

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Chance for unknown artists



When Clear Channel controls the radio and the monopoly newspaper does not love you as you win new audiences?

The good news: There are many, many ways. Here are ten of my favorites.

1. The approach at the local college or alternative radio station or community access cable TV station programming idea how to live songwriter showcase. Other musicians will want to participate in your show, and you’ll build an audience for his music – and for them.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Recording a CD or concert reviews for the local alternative (or primary) document.

3. Give copies of CD out of the public radio and television stations for their fund drive premiums.

4. Organize, promote and perform at charity events for your favorite causes.

5. Lead songwriting and performing workshops in schools (as a rule, these payments concerts,

tickets and all parents to hear your name). Invite some children to perform with you, they always bring a bunch of relatives, and who will pay for the ticket, and perhaps buy a CD.

6. Declare your concerts in each community calendar. Newspapers, magazines, radio, public Web sites, cable TV stations – they all run the event lists. View of one paragraph, which includes the tag line that you do, for example, “Sandy, executing, River City’s’ homegrown Bono, ‘will perform labor songs and love ballads in the trombone stores, 444 4 Street in the city center river, Wednesday, January 15, 7 pm “When you receive a free or a charitable connection, say so. Include contact phone number and e-mail.

7. Find Internet discussion groups related to your case. Whether in the field of immigration, voting reform the world, safe energy, the right to choose … will not be discussion groups on the Internet. Post the answers and include a “signature” – short for the business card. Using different sigs for different purposes. Here’s one of mine (in real e-mail, it will be single-spaced):

8. Create a simple low-cost website. Include a few sound clips, pictures of you performing, a place for people to register your fan news, and links to your favorite musicians, and, of course, the route and schedule of concert availability.

9. Get exposure on other people’s sites. Write CD reviews, to support their music tickets with an ad, submit articles about local music … and be sure to include your contact information and a statement that encourages people to visit your site.

10. Use the letters columns. Call talk shows. Post a message on a web forum … in a word, use any tool of feedback you have for the distribution of words.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two weeks ago, FanFiction.Net purged the site of much of the adult content, surprising many fan fiction readers and writers; leaving several archives on the Internet unprepared for a deluge of new users, problems continuing to this day. FanFiction.Net removed around 62,000 stories after a change allowing writers under the age of eighteen to register.

FanFiction.Net spelled out the reasons for their purge on the front page of the site:

Please note we would like to clarify the content policy we have in place since 2002. FanFiction.Net follows the Fiction Rating system ranging from Fiction K to Fiction M. Although Fiction Ratings goes up to Fiction MA, FanFiction.Net since 2002 has not allowed Fiction MA rated content which can contain adult/explicit content on the site. FanFiction.Net only accepts content in the Fiction K through Fiction M range. Fiction M can contain adult language, themes and suggestions. Detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered Fiction MA and has not been allowed on the site since 2002.

According to alixe75 on LiveJournal’s ffdotnetrants, FanFiction.Net deleted 2,002 Naruto stories, 1,497 Twilight stories, 1,256 Harry Potter stories, 670 Glee stories, 364 Inuyasha stories, 364 Hetalia – Axis Powers stories, 282 Kingdom Hearts, 213 Pokemon stories, 143 Yu-Gi-Oh stories, 127 Dragon Ball Z stories and 47 Doctor Who stories amongst others. rahirah on Dreamwidth provided another statistic, “Approximately 11% of all BtVS [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] stories were zapped. That may not sound like much, but FFnet is big – that comes to thousands of stories.” feckless-muse on Dreamwidth reported the purge included banning users. Despite the purge, Alexa reports no drop in traffic to FanFiction.Net.


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